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Course Catalog

Signal Processing Training Modules

We offer you access to our long experience in the field of Signal Processing through our tailor-made Seminars and Workshops.

Our course offer is split in three levels to fit the varying needs and pre-requisites in your company

Introductory Courses
The following introductory courses are designed for employees, project managers and leaders, that would like an introduction to the field of signal processing. The courses focus on examples and the acquisition of basic knowledge.

Course 001 - Introduction to Signal Processing (mehr)
Course 002 - Mathematics in Signal Processing (mehr)
Course 003 - Signals and Statistics (mehr)
Course 004 - Digital Filters (mehr)

Extension Courses
The following extension courses are intended for employees and development teams that want to further train their Signal Processing-Skills. The courses require a basic knowledge in the Signal Processing and Mathematics and Statistics and focuses on applications and the acquisition of practical knowledge.

Course 101 - Time-Frequency-Analysis (mehr)
Course 102 - Filter Design (mehr)
Course 103 - Multirate-Systems and Filter Banks (mehr)
Course 104 - Adaptive Filters (mehr)
Course 105 - Multi-Sensor-Systems (mehr)

Special Courses
The following special courses are intended for development teams and employees, that wants to focus on a particular Signal-Processing subject. The courses require a basic knowledge in Signal Processing, Mathematics and Statistics.

Course 201 - Neural Networks and Machine Learning (mehr)
Course 202 - Digital Synthesis of Analog Systems (mehr)
Course 203 - Advanced Adaptive Filters (mehr)
Course 204 - Beamformer Design (mehr)
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